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The Move Jobs between Companies function allows you to move Jobs between system Companies or Clients.  If you have more than one company set up, you can move a Job from one company to another.  Or you can move a Job to another client or product from within a company.

You need to ensure that all invoices are credited in full and exported to your accounting package before you move jobs between companies.  Please refer to Changing the Client on the Job Bag for more information on what should be done before moving a Job.

Here's a visual demonstration for moving Jobs between Companies

Below are steps to show you how to move Jobs between companies or clients using the Move Costs function.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Move Costs button on the Ribbon.

  2. Click the Select an Action field, and select Move Jobs between Companies.

    Notice that there are two groups on this screen, the From and To group.  

  3. In the From group, click the Job field and select the Job that must be moved.

  4. In the To group: 

    1. Select the Company you would like to move the Job to. 

    2. Select the Client to which the Job must be moved.

    3. Click the Product field, and select the product that this Job will be linked to.  

  5. Click the Move button to move the Job.

    It is confirmed that the Job is moved.