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Reports play an important role in a business. Chase provides a tool that is fast and easy to use to collect reports. You can also set up favorite reports, view reports in different file formats, print and email your reports. In this article, we will show you how to:

  1. Click the Reports button on the Main Menu.

  2. From this screen, you can expand the reports tree grouping or type the name of the report that you want to view.  
  3. you need to select a report from the menu tree or type the name of the report that you want to view. When you type in the search field the menu tree will expand and you can click on the report that you want

    If you have set-up a favorite report, then you can click on the My Reports blue arrow sign to expand it and view all your favorite report

Searching for a report can be done in multiple ways within Chase.

  • You can search within your Favourite Reports or
  • You can do a quick search on the search area.

The Quick Search is available at the top of the Reports Tree. It is not case sensitive, so you can use small caps or all caps letters and this will show you a list of matching words or text. If a match has been found it will be highlighted in yellow.

If you are searching for your favorite report click on the Reports drop-down arrow and select from a list that will show.

  1. Click the Reports button

  2. Click on the My Reports grouping to expand it and select the report you are looking for.

Quick Search:

  1. You can also search for the report by typing a keyword in the search area. For this example, we have typed List. All groups with the same match as the typed word are expanded and the typed keyword is highlighted in yellow. If you know which list, you are looking for you can type in the full keywords to make the search easy and direct.

  2. Let's say you want to view all your clients in list format, then in the search area type in Client List. The search is narrowed down to only show two instances of the keywords that were typed in the search area.
    Once you find the report that you are looking for click on it and start filtering for information that you want to view on your report.