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You can plan your tasks and bookings in Chase.  Planning helps you to manage your resources and job activities.  You can check the availability and workload of all resources involved, and plan and schedule the tasks and bookings accordingly.

Bookings are similar to calendar events and can be created in Chase or from your calendar, for example Outlook.  They are useful for longer duration tasks where time is spread evenly over the duration.

Tasks are planned one at a time in sequence, filling all available time remaining after bookings and Outlook meetings. 

You can plan your tasks and bookings from:

  • the Job Bag 
    You can add tasks and bookings to a Job Bag.  This helps to determine the estimated versus the actual time spent by individuals on a job, which assists with the key measurable in an Agency.  When assigning tasks to users, they do not have to think about which JobTaskClient to log time against.  A Timing Plan can be added to help you track the progress of your tasks, and provides granular visibility of the tasks and bookings on a selected job.  
  • the Resource Planner
    You can add tasks and bookings to the Resource Planner which allows you to easily manage your agency's resource availability and Job activities.  It helps you measure the availability and workload of your entire resource pool.  This can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, ensuring that your resources are used to maximum effect. 
  • Outlook
    Currently Chase has a calendar integration with Outlook.  Outlook is useful for scheduling of meetings and short duration tasks.  This is required for traditional agencies, e.g. for a TV shoot, which is essentially a series of meetings in staff diaries. These are typically planned using Outlook
    For more information please see Adding Bookings via Outlook and Setting up Users for Calendar integration

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