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Jobs are made up of tasks.  Tasks describe a Job in detail, and are the actions that contribute to its successful completion.  They are the measurable components of the duties and responsibilities of a specific Job, and have a recognisable beginning and end.

You can manage tasks and bookings that employees need to complete by adding them to a Job Bag.  This provides an estimate against which actual time spent by individuals can be measured.

Employees can view tasks allocated to them, and capture time on these tasks.  Tasks can be created directly from a Job Bag or from a Cost Sheet

A Timing Plan can be added to help track the progress of tasks, and provides granular visibility of the tasks and bookings on a selected job.  

 Screen layout

Creating tasks from the Job Bag

This section displays the allocated hours per Task, the actual hours completed, and the percentage of the Task complete.  You can also select whether you are assigning Tasks or creating Bookings.

Creating Tasks from the Cost Sheet

Creating tasks from a CE helps to ensure that all items on a quote get completed. Tasking from the CE is more efficient as you save time, and aligns your tasks directly with what the client signed off.

 Field Help

Creating Tasks from the Job Bag

Columns & Buttons



This tab allows you to view all tasks allocated to users, hours allocated, actual hours spent on the task, and the percent left for the task to be completed.


This tab is used for creating a Timing plan or Project plan, which can be tracked and measured.


The Add task button allows you to add a new task.

Indent and Outdent

Indent a task to make it a child of the task above.

First Task Start Date

Date on which the first task is scheduled to start.

Filter Task List

This will allow traffic users to view all tasks, or view only complete/incomplete tasks on the screen.

Collapse Tasks

To collapse all child tasks.

Toggle full-screen view

This button allows a user to view the task list in full screen mode, giving you more space to view all job tasks.

Delete Selected

This button will delete a line or multiple lines that have been selected.

Create a template

This button will create a template for the task section.

Apply template

This button allows you to apply a created template to the current Job.

Task Type

The Task Type column allows you to add a Task Type by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting your Task Type.

Assigned To

The user to whom the task is assigned.

Start Date

The date you want the task to begin.

Due Date

The date you want the task to be complete.

Completion Date

This column will display the date when the user/resource completed the assigned task.

Allocated Hours

Time allocated for the particular task, seen as a budget for the individual to work within.


Hours the user captured on their Timesheets against a task. The colour in this column will change once time is logged for each task.
If a cell is orange this means that time has been logged against the assigned task, nearing the allotted time mark.
If a cell is green it means that time is allocated but no time captured yet.
If a cell is red it means more time is logged than allocated.


This column can be used for tracking the progress of the tasks while being worked on, or when you have no allocated hours (i.e 20%, 30%, 50% etc).  If you do not want to track the interim progress, once the user marks their task as Complete, the task will automatically become 100% and will be locked down.

Notification Icon

The Notification icon may display one of four different colours to indicate the status of the Task.
Green means that the start date is yet to arrive.
Orange means the start date has passed but the due date has not been reached yet. Yellow means the due date is current (today).
Red means the due date of the task has passed (overdue).

Email Item

This button allows Traffic to email the task to the assigned user.

Link Dependencies

This button allows you to link one task to other tasks.

Delete this line button

This will delete the selected task.

Columns & Buttons


Est Hours From CE

This field will pull estimated hours from the Cost Estimate.

Actual Job Hrs

These are the actual hours that have been captured by the user that were tasked from the Job Bag.

Remaining Job Hrs

Displays the hours still outstanding i.e. Estimated – Actual Hours.  The purpose of this feature is to obtain a quick overview of time management in a particular Job Bag.

Creating Tasks from the Cost Sheet (Create Job Tasks from this Document dialog)



Work Type

By default, internal Work types are already selected but can be deselected individually if desired.

Task Type

This column allows you to select a task related to a Work type. Note that the Task type might not have the same name as the Work type. If the Task type was setup against the Work type, the Task type will automatically populate.

Assigned To

The user to whom the task will be assigned.

Start Date

The date you want the work to commence.

Finish Date

The date you want the task to be complete.

Est Hours

Hours estimated to complete a task.

Alloc Hours

The hours Traffic will allocate to users in which to complete the task.

Available Hours

The hours still available to be allocated to the user.