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The Preview Export Docs feature allows you to be aware of all financial documents that need to be exported once the status of the document changes.  You can view and export these documents. 

Below are steps to show you how to view all documents ready to be exported, and to export them.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To view preview or export documents, click the Export Wiz button on the Ribbon.

    The Export Wizard screen appears. 

  2. Select Preview Export Docs from the tree.

    The Export Wizard screen appears. 

  3. Click the Client Inv. tab to view all Client Invoices that need to be exported. 

    By default, the New Clients tab is selected and you will be able to see all Clients that need to be exported into the Accounting Package.

  4. To view or export any other documents like Client Credit notes, Supplier Invoices and Supplier Credit Notes, click the relevant tab. 

    Please note that you can also deselect documents that you do not want to export by unchecking the checkbox next to each document number. 

    You also have the option of downloading this report as an Excel spreadsheet.

  5. Tick the checkboxes next to all of the client invoices to be exported. 

  6. Click the Export button.

    A successfully exported message will display if your files have been successfully exported to the accounting package.  

  7. To view these files, click the Download link. 

    If you wish to view all exported documents, you can view them on the Export Archives screen.