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All Tasks listed for a User are ordered by level of priority.  By dragging a Task above or below another, the order of priority will change. The Resource Planner will automatically recalculate the User's projected schedule when this is done.

Below are steps to show you how to prioritise tasks on the Resource Planner.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Resource Planner open, click the Expand/Collapse button for the User you want to prioritise tasks against.

    In this example, the plus button was clicked next to Francine.

  2. Drag the selected tasks and drop it into the new position.

    You can drop the selected task when you see a green arrow highlighting that it can be re-positioned.

    In this example, task 65 was moved to above task 66.

    The order of priority will be adjusted. 

    In this example, notice that there is a red colour next to the Task.  This shows that the Task cannot be completed within the deadline, given the priority of the Tasks.  You may have to adjust the hours allocated to the User. 

    If both Tasks were within the User's target working hours, you would not see the red colour.