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A purchase orders report allows you to view a batch of purchase orders which have already been created. This report enables any Producer, Purchase order issuer and/or Creditors controller to easily manage large volumes of Purchase Order documents as they are issued and processed.

This section will focus on the:

Purchase Order List by Supplier report

  1. To view this report, navigate to Reports and search for the Purchase Order List by Supplier report.
  2. Select the report and apply filters

Report columns explained:

Column nameExplanation


Purchase Order number in Chase


Job Number


Job Category

4ClientName of Client
5DescriptionCombination of the Product and Job Element.
6DetailsPO details
7IssuedDate PO was issued
8DeliveryDate of final product delivery.
9StatusPO status
10Total Excl.Total of Supplier Invoices excluding VAT
11InvoicedAmount paid to the Supplier.