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Each document has a print and email button to choose the manner in which to distribute the document.  The reports available from the drop down lists on these buttons, as well as the default report to print when the button itself is clicked, can be programmed into Chase.

 Screen layout
Report Links screen

 Field Help
Fields, Buttons and ColumnsDescription
FormSelect a form to whose print and email buttons a report must be linked.
ReportsSelect the report to link to the chosen form.
Add buttonCreates the link between the form and the report.
DefaultIndicate that the selected report link should be the default one printed when the print or email button on the associated form is clicked.
Report Category - NameDisplays the report category and name respectively.
Link NameDisplays a name for the link that is usually the same as the report name.
Default View FormatSpecify the default format in which the linked report is to be displayed. You can select from a list of available formats (such as PDF, CSV or RTF).