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A Request for Quote (RFQ) is a document used to invite suppliers to provide detailed pricing information for products or services. Within Chase configuration, an Administrator can specify that the agency must acquire a minimum number of quotes (typically three or more) from separate suppliers for any “external” work required. This will allow the agency to pick the most appropriate quote. This is typically the lowest quote, although one can justify selecting a more expensive quote for valid reasons. You can configure this, by clicking the Configuration (Settings) > Global Settings > General.

The purpose of using the Request for Quote is to:

  • Track the number of quotes submitted per cost. For example, some clients require a minimum of 3 quotes.
  • Easily track the value of those costs.
  • Easily convert the Quote to a Purchase Order

Request for Quote can be created for external line items on a Cost Sheet.

 Screen Help

The Request for Quote document will show you the related CE as well as the work types for which quotes are required.

 Field Help

Field Name


Work Type

The description of the line item. This will indicate the type of work to be carried out.


Enter the quantity of the item to be ordered.

Take Across Details

This will take all details on the RFQ to ensure the supplier understands what is required.

Take Across Worktype Notes

If you have notes on this work type they will be visible on the RFQ form.

Field Name


Go To

Quick access to the Job Bag details and Cost Sheet page is available from the Request For Quote form.

Delivery Address

The address where the item needs to be sent after completion.


The person who added the document.


The Request For Quote description is automatically populated with the detail from the Job Bag, which is a combination of the Product and Element fields.  It is possible to modify the description of the RFQ while in Draft status but once the status has changed from Draft, this is no longer editable.


The details section is aimed at providing a space where the producer can elaborate on what the RFQ is for


Date on which the RFQ was created.

Quote Required By

The date by which the quote is required.

Deliver By

Date and time by which the finished product is required to be delivered.


Automatically populated from the item selected on the Job Bag and cannot be modified on this form


Shows the CE that the RFQ was created from.

RFQ Details tab

Shows details of the work types for which quotes are required.

Related Quotes

Will show all quote information from suppliers for this RFQ.

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