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Chase allows you to add Bookings or Tasks via Chase and sync them to Outlook. This can be achieved by enabling the Chase To Calendar Sync option. For this functionality to work, you need to set up a PA account. The PA mailbox serves as a link between Chase and your Outlook. This PA email address needs to be an active email account which can send and receive meeting requests to facilitate bookings for users.

If you will be using calendar integration, please ensure that:

  • you use supported Email Servers such as Office 365 / Hosted 2016. Please note that anything below 2016 will not work.
  • the Email Account is E3 subscription and the account must not be part of any distribution list.
  • the Password for the account needs to be set to Never Expire.
  • The account should not nave any notification (otp) requirements for access or use.

Below are steps to show you how to configure a PA mailbox in Chase.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Features.

  2. On the Features screen, check the Calendar Integration checkbox to enable this feature and Save changes.

  3. Navigate to the Company Configuration group to expand it and select Company Details.

  4. On the Company Details screen, click the Traffic Settings tab.

  5. Enter all details about the PA email, in the Calendar Integration section.

    1. Enter your email provider (e.g Outlook) in the Mail Provider field. 
    2. In the PA Username field, enter the email address that Bookings will be sent to. The PA email address is specific to each company.
    3. In the Password field, enter a password for this PA email. 
    4. Check the Chase To Calendar Sync checkbox to allow Bookings from Chase to be synced to the assigned User's Calendar.
    5. Check the Allow Auto-Fill On Timeheets For Incoming Bookings checkbox.
    6. Select the Clear All User Overrides button to enable the Auto-Fill Time button for all Users in Chase.  For more details on how to enable Allow Auto-Fill On Timesheets For Incoming Bookings on individual Users, please see How to setup users for Calendar Integration.
    7. In the Auto Fill Setting drop down, select if you want all or selected Task Types to be used with the Auto-Fill feature.  

      Auto-Fill Setting available options:

      None: No Task Types will be used for Auto-Fill bookings on the Timesheet screen.

      All: All active Client, Job, and Timesheet Task Types will be used for Auto-Fill bookings on the Timesheet screen.

      Selected: Only selected Tasks Types will be used for Auto-Fill bookings on the Timesheet screen. If this option is selected you will be able to specify these Tasks Types on the Task Types drop down below.

  6. Save changes made to the screen.