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You can store all of your resource related details from this configuration group.  This includes adding people and their User rights and license types, job titles, as well as the equipment used in your agency.

 Screen layout

Users screen

This screen allows you to add new Users, and manage these Users.

User Details screen

This screen allows you to edit User details.

 Field Help

Users screen

Buttons and Columns


Print button

Allows you to print a list of active/inactive Users.

Activate User License

This button allows you to activate or deactivate User licenses.

Transfer user License

Used to transfer a User license between Users e.g. when one person leaves, the license can be allocated to their replacement.

Add New user button

Allows you to add a new User.

Save button

Save all changes made on the Users screen.

Filter Where field

Filter by Username or License Type.

Contains field

Narrows down the search by the username or the type of license.


Shows you several Users per page, and more importantly, the number of rows per page.

User Name

Enter the full name of the User to be displayed as the login name, as well as on various reports and documents created by them. This field is compulsory for new Users.


Enter the User's initials to be used on reports, distribution lists, and tasks. Because Chase uses these initials to identify different users, they must be unique. This field is compulsory for new Users.


Enter the email address to which the User's timesheet reminders and task notifications will be sent, and from which documents will be mailed. This field is compulsory for new Users.


Indicate the department in which the User works.

Is Active

To indicate that this is an active User account, check the Is Active checkbox. To block a User from logging in, uncheck the checkbox. This field is compulsory for new Users.

User Rights

Indicate the User rights combination to which the User is entitled. This field is compulsory for new Users.

Timesheet Admin

Indicate the Timesheet admin User to whom this User must submit their Timesheets.

Timesheet Type

Indicate how this User's Timesheets will be administered. Select from this list of administrative rules:

a) Reminders, No Restrictions – Users will receive TimeSheet Reminders and there are no restrictions to how the User can capture their time.

b) No Reminders, No Restriction – Users will not receive reminders and there are no restrictions to how the User captures their time.

c) Reminders, Product Required – Users will receive reminders and are required to select a product in order to capture their time.

d) Reminders, Job No Required – Users will receive reminders and are required to select a Job Number in order to capture their time.

Target Hours

In the Target Hours field, enter the number of Timesheet hours the User is expected to log on a daily basis. If the target hours are not achieved, a Timesheet reminder will be emailed to them to notify them that they have not completed their Timesheets. This field is compulsory for Timesheet Users.

Creation Date

Select a date to indicate when the User becomes active on the system. After this date, the User will have access to Chase and will be expected to submit Timesheets. This field is compulsory.

License Type

The License Type field will automatically populate when the User's license is activated by Chase support.


This column shows the User's Manager.

Change User License

Allows you to change the User's license type.

User Security

This button shows you security groups where the User is active or inactive.

Advanced Edit

The Advance Edit button is used to edit the User's details.


View or edit a specific User's options.

Delete this line

Allows you to delete a line.

User Details screen

Buttons and Columns


Title / Description

Enter the User's job title.

Phone Number

Enter the User's office phone number.

Mobile Number

Enter the User's cellphone number.

Fax Number

Enter the User's office fax number.


Enter the User's birthday.

Alt. Ref. No.

Enter an alternate identification for the User, such as their employee number or personal identification number.

Timesheet Capturer

A different User that can capture time for this User.

Show In All Traffic Divisions

This allows a User to be displayed in all traffic divisions when planning tasks.

Password Rules Set

Linked Supplier

If the User is linked to a supplier you can select the supplier from the drop down list.

Working Hours Per Month

Enter the total number of hours work the User must complete each month.


Select the User's particular skill.

Remember Search

When checked, it allows Chase to keep a history of searches performed by the User.

Failed Login Count

Enter the maximum number of login attempts allowed before the User is locked out of the system.

Accounting Export Scope

Select an export options to indicate what type of information this User will be allowed to export to the agency's accounting package, if integration is active.

Active Directory UserName

If the agency uses Active Directory authentication, enter the User's Active Directory username in the Active Directory UserName field.

WF Substitution User

If a User is out of office, select the User required to administer workflow actions in their place.

WF Substitution Date

Enter the date on which the workflow substitution begins.

License Valid Date

Indicates the User license valid period. It is typically used for freelancers or individuals that work on contract.

Default Dashboard Index

Determines your default Home page if you have Insight installed.

Target Billable %

Determines how much of the User's logged time should be billable.

Is Sales Manager

Is Sales Manager enables a higher level of functionality when checked. For example a Sales manager has the ability to see prospects for all salespeople, and the ability to assign prospects from one salesperson to another. If not checked, a User can see opportunities for all Salespeople within the CRM functionality.

Reset Password

Reset the User's password.

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