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There are two search functions you can use to quickly find an item in Chase.  These help you search for Clients, Suppliers, Jobs, Documents, and Contractors you previously worked with.

Use the Quick Search if you know the unique number of the item you are looking for.  Use the Item Search if you do not know the unique number.

Below are steps to show you how to use the:

Step-by-step guide

Quick Search

Here's a visual demonstration on using the Quick Search

  1. In the Search field drop down (to the left of the Quick Search text box), select the type of item to find, e.g. Job.

    The default option for the filter field is set to All. If All is selected and a unique number is typed, you will be presented with all Chase documents that have the same number typed in the Quick Search box. 

  2. In the text box marked Quick Search, type in the unique number for the item to be found, e.g. Job number.

    In this example, 63 was entered.

    Chase will find the specified item, for example the Job Bag number.

  3. From the search results that appear, select the number to open up the item you searched for.
    In this example, 63 was selected to open the Job Bag form.

    The form appears.

Item Search

Here's a visual demonstration on using Item Search

  1. In the Search section of the Ribbon, click the type of item you want to search for.

    In this example, the Clients button was selected.

    The Search dialog appears with a list of the item selected.  In this example, a list of Clients is displayed.  

    The Search drop down contains a list of filters related to the searched item type, e.g. all active Clients in a Client search or only Jobs that are closed in a Job search.

    At the top of each column in the list of results is a text box that can be used to enter search text for a specific data field, e.g. the first three letters of a Client’s name in the Client Name column.

  2. Enter the search text required.

    In this example, African Bank was entered in the Client Name column text box.

  3. In the updated list of results, find the item you are looking for and click it.

    In this example, African Bank was selected to open the client details form.

    The Client Details form will appear.

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