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Sending an email in Chase is easy, all you need to know is who the email is being sent to and what information you want to send to the recipients of this email.  Just like any other emailing features you can send emails to clients, employees and others.  The email dialog has typical text formatting functions to format the message as desired.  

The email dialog works in a way that whatever document you are busy with will allow you to click the email button and attach it to the email dialog automatically.

To send an email from Chase, click the e-mail button (Envelope button) on the Toolbar of a document or form. 

Here's a visual demonstration for sending an email in Chase

 Email Dialog Field Help

FromThe person sending the email.
To (Contacts)Email recipient as listed in the Client Contact List.
To (Employees)Send emails to Chase User contacts (colleagues).
To (Other)Enter email contacts (email address) not in Chase, separating each address with a semicolon (;).
SubjectThe topic of this email.
DocumentDisplays the name of the attached document/report that you want to send.
AttachmentsUpload external documents.
ToolbarTo modify your content text.
BodyType in information relating to the topic of this email.