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As a Chase user, you don’t need to know the mechanics behind Workflows, just be aware that at times, Chase will require you to complete certain actions before you can start the next activity. 

The following example using a cost sheet, and assuming that a Junior Account Executive has set the status to Final, demonstrates a Workflow in action.

Because Workflows are active, Chase checks its records and finds that a business rule exists for this type of document.  The rule states that Cost Estimates must be approved by a Senior Manager before being finalised. 

To enforce the business rule, Chase changes the Status field to Awaiting Approval and provides the Junior Account Executive with a set of possible actions, available by clicking the drop down arrow of the Workflow button (see image below). The Junior Account Executive would select the Request Approval action to route the document to the Senior Manager for approval. After the Manager has approved the Cost Estimate, Chase will change the status to Final as requested by the Junior Account Executive.

Each document has a status and when that status is changed from Draft to Final, a Workflow will be initiated. You will notice that once you change the status to Final, the status field automatically changes to Awaiting Approval.  This is when you will know that a Workflow has been initiated.

When you navigate to the Home page, you should have a new Notification message, as well as a new item in the Workflows Created tab.