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Chase has a feature that allows you to integrate with Asana. The integration will allow you to link your Asana Teams, Projects, and Tasks to Chase documents. You can share documents company-wide, within a team, or for a specific project. The feature will allow you to link Jobs to your Asana Projects, and Briefs to Asana Tasks so that your Teams can refer to relevant documents/projects. For this functionality to work, you need to set up integration between the two systems. 

Below are steps to show you how to:

Step-by-step guide

Set up Chase Integration in Asana

  1. Copy this link and paste it in your browser e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.:

    The Asana login screen appears.

  2. Enter your login details and click the Log In button.

    The Asana DEVELOPER APP CONSOLE screen appears.

  3. To register Chase as an application with Asana, click on + New app rectangle. 

    The Create new app dialog appears. 

  4. In the App name field enter the app that will be integrated with Asana.

    For this example, Chase Production Insika Pro was entered.


  5. Read the API terms and conditions and check the I agree to the API terms and conditions checkbox.

  6. Click the Create app button.

    The company details screen appears with all the information needed for the integration.

    Please note that you need to save the Client ID and the Client Secret code somewhere as these will be required in Chase Production.

  7. Enter your Chase Production URL in the Redirect URL field.

    Please copy this link and replace the red text "<site url>" with your Chase Production URL: https://<site url>/ConnectToOAuthApiTarget.aspx/5

    In this example, was entered in the Redirect URL field.

  8. Click the Add button.

  9. Click the Settings tab at the top.

  10. Click on Upload image to upload your company logo.

    We recommend that you use the Chase logo as this will help identify the system that is integrated. Please download this logo by clicking on it and press the download icon.

  11. Once the logo is uploaded, you can close the screen and Log into Chase. 

Set up Asana in Chase

  1. Click the Settings button and select the API Targets item.

    The API Targets screen appears.

  2. Click the Api Target drop down and select the application you want to integrate with. 

    For this example, Asana was selected. 

    More fields are added to the screen with information relevant to Asana.

  3. In the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client secret field, enter the Client ID and secret created when you were setting up Chase details in Asana.

    Please refer to the last screenshot on Set up Chase Integration in Asana.

  4. Ensure that the Is Active checkbox is selected.

  5. Navigate to the table below and enter the Api account contained on your Asana URL in the Api Account Id field.

    This API Account can only be found in the URL when you navigate to Admin Console in Asana.

  6. Click the IsActive checkbox.

  7. Click the Save button.

  8. Navigate to Company Configuration and select Company Details.

    The Company Details screen appears.

  9. Click the Chase Setup tab.

  10. Ensure that the Chase Net Address is entered without a forward slash (/) at the end.

    Once the setup is complete, you will be able to start linking Chase documents to Asana Teams, Projects, and Tasks

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