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Calendar integration settings can be applied to individual users in two ways, a user can be included or excluded from Bookings if they are the organiser of the Booking, or the Auto-fill feature can be enabled or disabled against the User's timesheet.  By default, the Allow Auto-Fill On Timesheets For Incoming Booking checkbox is checked for new Users.

Please note that you can also configure which Task Types may be used as Auto-Fill bookings on the Timesheet screen. For more details on setting this up please see Configuring a PA mailbox in Chase.

If dealing with a team, a Traffic Manager might not want to be included as a participant on all Bookings assigned to Users.  The Include as Participant on Incoming Booking option can be used by a Traffic Manager if they are adding Bookings for themselves, or would like to be included on certain Bookings.

Below are steps to show you how to set up Users for the Calendar integration.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click Resources to expand it.

  3. Click the Users item.

    The Users screen appears. 

  4. Click the Advanced Edit button against the User you want to set up.

    In this example, the button was selected again Mpho Thulo.

  5. Enter the number of Timesheet Hours the User is expected to log on a daily basis, in the Target Hours field.  

    Target hours will be used on the Resource Planner to estimate an employee's availability. 

  6. Enter the percentage of the target hours that are billable, in the Target Billable field. 

    Both the Target Hours and the Target Billable fields will be used on the Resource Planner to estimate an employee's availability.  For example, if part of the daily available hours (6 hours) has been allocated to the User, the placement on the Resource Planner will change colour and indicate the number of hours allocated to the User for the day.

  7. Check the Include as Participant on Incoming Booking checkbox. 

    This allows the organiser of a Booking to assign tasks to themselves as well as other users. For example, if the Traffic Manager creates a Booking and assigns it to a Timesheet User, the Traffic Manager will also be assigned to the Booking and must capture time against it. 


  8. Check the Allow Auto-Fill On Timesheets For Incoming Booking checkbox. 

    Checking this option adds the Auto-Fill Time button on the Timesheets Home page. The Allow Auto-Fill On Timesheets For Incoming Booking option allows Users to view a list of all Bookings and add them as Timesheet entries for the date range selected.

  9. Click the OK button to save changes made to this User.

    You will be redirected to the Users screen.  

    For more details on how to use the Auto-Fill Time feature please follow this link How to use the Auto-Fill Time feature.