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You can group a series of Task types that follow after each other.  Sub tasks are created if the main task must go through a series of steps before it is complete. 

A Task type can be grouped with more than one sub task, for example a Creative user is allocated a task, and when complete they send it to Quality Assurance, who checks to make sure it is up to standard.  After Quality Assurance has completed their check, they send it to the Creative Director for final approval.

Below are steps to show you how to add sub tasks.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Select Task Types from the Configuration tree.

    The Task Types screen appears. 

  3. Click the Edit Sub Tasks icon on the Task type line that you want to add a sub task to.

    In this example, Edit Sub Tasks was selected on the Art Direction line.

    A dialog with the name of the selected task appears. 

    In this example, Art Direction is the name shown on the dialog.

  4. Click the Add Sub Task Type button.

    A blank line is added. 

  5. Enter the name of the sub task in the Sub Task Type field.

    In this example, Quality Assurance was entered.

  6. Add other sub tasks required for this Task type.

    In this example, Quality Assurance and Creative Direction were added. 

  7. Click in the Order field and change the value, if required.  This will change the sequence that the sub tasks follow.  

    In this example, the Quality Assurance sub task must be completed before the Creative Direction sub task can start. 

  8. Click the Save button.

    Notice that a Tasks icon appears on the main task, indicating that there are sub tasks against it.

    If a task with sub tasks is used on the Job Bag, then you will not be able to delete those sub tasks.

  9. Click the Save button.

    For details on how to use tasks with grouped sub tasks, follow this article: Using Sub tasks on a Job Bag.

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