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The Timesheet Capturer feature allows you to set up users who will capture time on behalf of other users. 

Find out how to:

Step-by-step guide

Enabling the Timesheet Capturer feature

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Global Settings.

  2. The Global Settings screen appears. Select the Timesheet Settings tab and click the Enable Subordinate TimeSheet Line Editing checkbox.

    This will allow some users to capture time on behalf other users, based on their Timesheet Capturer settings.

  3. Save changes made to the screen.

Setting up a Timesheet Capturer

  1. Click on Resources to expand it and select Users.

  2. On the Users screen, click the Advanced Edit button against the relevant user.

  3. The User Details dialog appears. Click the Timesheet Capturer field, and select who will be able to capture time on behalf of this user.

    In this example, Berry McGraw is selected as the user to capture time for Cath.

  4. Click the Timesheet Type field and select Reminders, Job No Required.

    The Reminders, Job No Required option will ensure the users will get a reminder that they need to log time, as well as the fact that time is required to be logged against a Job. For more details on Timesheet Reminder click here.

  5. Click the OK button when complete.

    The Timesheet Capturer will select the user they are capturing time for from the Timesheets screen.

Set up Multiple Timesheet Capturers

Sometimes, more than one person needs to be able to log time on behalf of a user or group of users. Chase allows this by effectively setting up a capturer role, which is linked to a user right. Once a specific user right is configured, all Chase users with that user right will be able to log time for anyone in the system. 

Ensure that you understand the implications of this, so that you don't accidentally grant access to the incorrect users.

  1. On the Configuration screen, click on Lookup Codes.


  2. The Lookup Codes screen appears. Click the Category field, and select Production rights.

  3. Search for Enable multiple timesheet Capturers and in the Can Change To field, select user rights that will be able to capture time on behalf of others. 

    In this example, Production was selected.

    In this case, any user with a Production user right will be able to log time for any user in the agency.

    Ensure that the Is Active checkbox is checked.

  4. Save changes made to the screen.