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Access to Forms can be restricted to selected staff using access rights codes. 

Below are steps to show you how to set up access rights to forms. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click the Access Rights group to expand it.

  3. Click the Forms item.

    The Access Rights – Forms screen appears.  A list of all forms in Chase are displayed, as well as the associated access rights codes.  You can indicate which access rights codes can view, edit, create or delete information in a form from here.

  4. Click the drop down arrow on the Can View field against the relevant form name, and select who can view it.  

    Do the same for the Can Edit, Can Create and Can Delete fields.

    In this example, rights are given to Traffic to view the Config – Traffic – Division form. 

    - Form access is progressive. This means that, for example if code A is assigned the right to create information, it will also have the right to edit and view information. But it will not necessarily have the right to delete it. You can have different and specific rights for deleting documents. 

    - User right N should not be assigned to Users. This right is reserved to restrict Users so they are Never allowed to perform a specified action e.g. delete a document. 

  5. Click the Save button to save your changes.