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An Inter-Company Job Bag is used to establish a link between companies for which inter-company transactions will take place.  Initiating an Inter-Company Job Bag will create linked Job Bags on the client-side and supplier-side agencies.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

  2. Select Inter-Company Job from the Add New dialog.

  3. Click the Create button.

    The Add Inter-Company Job dialog appears.  Notice that the Our Job section shows the name of the company from which the user is creating the Inter-Company job bag.  

  4. Click on the drop down arrow on the Client field and select the client from the list that appears.
    In this example, Trish Beauty Spa Heidelberg was selected.

  5. Click on the drop down arrow on the Product field and select the product for this client.

    In this example, Summer Beauty was selected.

  6. Enter or select the Element for this client.

  7. Select the relevant category in the Category field.
    In this example, Print Production was selected.

  8. Select the supplier to be used on this Inter-Company Job from the Company field in the Supplier(s) section.

    In this example, Insika Creative was selected.

    Once the supplier is selected, the Client field automatically populates with the Client's name. In this case, the Client is the Chase Company (Insika Production) that is creating this Inter-Company job as per the Inter Company Partnership setup. 

  9. Select the Product, Element, and Category in the Supplier(s) section, and then click the Create button.

    If the Product is not available on the drop down the Supplier (Insika Creative) will need to create it.

    The Job Bag screen appears. 

    The created Inter-Company Job Bag will automatically be created on the supplier-side agency. You will see a notification (message at the bottom of the Chase screen) informing you that an Inter-Company job has been initiated. 

  10. Populate the Job Bag fields as you would a normal Job Bag and create your Brief.

    Now that an Inter-Company Job is created, a Request for Quote (RFQ) needs to be created.

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