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A Quote is created on the client-side agency and will trigger the creation of an Incoming Request for Quote (IRFQ) on the supplier-side job.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Request for Quote open, click the Shortcut menu button on the Toolbar, and select Quote.

    The Create Quotes dialog appears. 

  2. Click on the drop down arrow in the Supplier field.
  3. Select the name of the supplier-side agency. 

    In this example, Insika Creative (cross-supplier) was selected.

  4. Click on the drop down arrow in the Contact field.
  5. Select the contact person from the supplier-side agency who will be notified once the Quote is created.

    In this example, Francine was selected.

  6. Tick the checkbox in the Send Email column to send the selected contact person an email of the Quote. 

  7. Click the Send button.

    The Send Notification for Request For Quote dialog appears. 

  8. Add any additional details to the message, and click the Send button.

    The Status of the Request for Quote will change from Draft to Pending and a Quote is created on the Job Bag, as shown on the image below.

    On the supplier-side agency an Incoming Request for Quote (IRFQ) is created and is the first financial interaction in the Inter-Company process.

    The supplier-side agency contact person will receive a notification via email informing them about the Request for Quote.

    Once the Incoming Request for Quote is created on the supplier-side, a Cost Estimate will need to be created from the Incoming Request for Quote.

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