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Once a Cost Estimate is automatically created on the client-side agency (Insika Production) you will be able to create a Tax Invoice. Upon billing of the end-client (Trish Beauty Spa) Cost Estimate, several related documents will be created on both sides of the Inter-Company interactionTo find out more, please see Enable and configure Cross-Company.

Below are steps to show you how to automatically complete the Inter-Company financial documents upon Billing of the end-client Cost Estimate.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Inter-Company Cost Estimate open on the client-side agency, click the Shortcut menu button on the Toolbar.

  2. Select Invoice.

    The Create Invoice dialog appears. 

  3. Click on the drop down arrow on the first field, and select if you want to bill the full amount or part of the invoice. 

  4. Enter the end-client's purchase order number, if one was provided, in the Order No field.

  5. Make all the necessary changes, and click the Create button.

    The Tax Invoice screen appears with an Issued status by default. 

    A success message appears informing you that a Purchase Order and related Supplier Invoice for R15,887.00 was created in this company (Insika Production), and a Client Order and Tax Invoice was created in Insika Creative. 

  6. Below are financial documents that are automatically created on both the client-side agency (Insika Production) and supplier-side agency (Insika Creative).

Client-side agency (Insika Production)Supplier-side agency (Insika Creative)
  • A Purchase Order in the client-side agency – The Purchase Order will be linked to the Quote that will be issued to the supplier-side agency, and will take on the next number in the Purchase Order number sequence.

  • A Cost Estimate from the supplier-side agency will be attached to the Quote in the client-side agency.

  • A Client Order in the supplier-side agency – The Client Order will be linked to the Cost Estimate on the supplier-side agency, and will reference the Purchase Order number from the client-side agency.

  • A Purchase Order from the client-side agency will be attached to the Client Order in the supplier-side agency. To view the Purchase Order, navigate to the External Document side menu of the Job.

  • A Supplier Invoice in the client-side agency – The Supplier Invoice will be linked to the Purchase Order, and will take on the Tax Invoice number from the supplier-side agency. Namely, the Supplier Code, followed by a slash, followed by the Tax Invoice number.

  • A Tax Invoice from the supplier-side agency will be attached to the Supplier Invoice in the client-side agency.

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