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Supplier invoices are the invoices you receive from your Supplier.  They include all of the costs incurred on a job, and need to be captured into Chase.  They enable reporting, and provide an accurate indication of how profitable a job is.

 Screen layout

Create Supplier Invoice dialog

Supplier Invoice options:

  • Capture amount manually - allows you to enter whatever amount you need to capture
  • Capture the Full / Outstanding Value of the Purchase Order - enters the full remaining amount to be captured
  • Capture 50% of the Purchase Order - orders only 50% of the Purchase Order value
  • Capture other % of the Purchase Order - allows you to enter a percentage of the Purchase Order to capture (e.g. 25%, or 75%).

Supplier Invoice screen

 Field Help

Buttons and Fields


Go To

Link to related job bag and document.


Name of Supplier.


The contact at the Supplier who will be receiving the invoice.

ID Number

The Supplier contact person's ID number.


Description can be used to name the document i.e Invoice for printing of shirts.

Delivery Address

Delivery Address is the destination address for invoices.


A brief explanation of what is being billed.


The date the agency was invoiced.

Payment Date

Payment date populates when the invoice is marked as Paid.

Quote No

Enter the Supplier's quote number, if one was provided.


The Status of the document.


Category of the job which pulls through from the job bag.


The related PO number that the supplier invoice was created from.


Name of the person who created the supplier invoice.


Payment terms for that Supplier.

Export Date

Populates when exported from Chase to the relevant accounting package.

Work Type

Worktype column where work types/list of services pull through from the PO.

Business Unit

Business Units are profit centers or revenue streams within the agency.


%Mkup is the % markup added to the cost from the cost sheet.


The quantity bought from the Supplier which pulls through from the PO.

Tax free

When selected, no tax will be calculated for that specific line item.


The actual amount received from the supplier invoice.

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