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A Supplier is a person or organization that provides something needed such as a product or service.  Every Supplier working with the agency needs to be captured into Chase. 

 Screen layout

Supplier Details form

 Field Help

Buttons and Field Names


Supplier Details button

This button opens the Supplier Details form allowing you to enter information about the Supplier.

Supplier BBBEE Details

Allows you to capture the Suppliers BBBEE certificate information. Due to BBBEE statuses and certificates becoming a mandatory requirement for most South African companies, these need to be up-to-date at all times.

Contact Details button

This button allows you to add additional Supplier contacts that will be used when sending out documents from Chase to that Supplier.

Linked Users

Allows you to link Chase users to the Supplier.


The trading name of the Supplier.


The Supplier's telephone number.


The Supplier's fax number.


The Supplier's main contact email address.


Enter additional information about the Supplier.


Select if the Supplier is Active, Inactive, Internal, etc. By default, the Supplier type will be set to Production Supplier.

Contra Acc#

If your agency uses a contra account to analyse Supplier returns, enter the appropriate account in the Contra Acc# field.

Holding Company

If the Supplier is part of a group, enter the group name in the Holding Company field.

Financial Year End

Enter the Client's financial year end date in the Financial Year End field, for reference purposes.

Account Cut Off Day

Select the day of the month after which no more transactions for the Supplier may be paid. This is not an enforced item; it only serves as a reminder.

Credit Approved checkbox

If there is a credit payment agreement in place, check the Credit Approved checkbox if the Supplier has been approved, or leave it unchecked if not required.

Order Number Required checkbox

Check the Order Number Required checkbox if required on financial documents, or for integration purposes with your accounting package.

User Rating

Specify the BBE User Rating by entering the percentage in the User Rating field.

Postal Address

The Supplier's address at which they receive mail or where the company is located.

Postal Code

The Supplier's Postal Code.

Physical Address

The Supplier's Physical Address. This address may also be used on Supplier Invoices as the delivery address.


The City where the Supplier is based.

Client AE

Select an Employee (User) that will be the main contact in your agency for that Supplier.

Inv. Controller

The Inv. Controller is the Employee (User) who will be responsible for payments for the Supplier.

Default Contact

The main Supplier Contact with whom the agency will communicate.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms are conditions under which a seller will complete a sale. Typically, these terms specify the period allowed to a buyer to pay off the amount due and may demand cash in advance, cash on delivery, a deferred payment period of 30 days or more.

This will automatically appear on related financial documents but can be edited during entry.

Tax No

Enter the Client's tax reference number (South Africa uses the term: VAT) that will show on related CEs and Tax Invoices.

Default % Tax

Enter the default sales tax rate for the agency's region, e.g. 15%.

Default Currency

Select the Default Currency for this Client should it differ from the home currency. The options list can be defined by navigating to Config > Currency Codes. The home currency can be defined with Config > Company Configuration > Company Details > Company Settings.

Sent Emails

The Sent Emails tab will show the log of emails sent to any of the Contacts for the related Supplier.