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The Take a snapshot of CE feature can be used in cases where a CE was approved, changes are made later (not typical, but sometimes necessary) and the record of what was approved gets lost. This feature will allow you to save that approved CE in a pdf format when the status of the CE moves out of Approved. Once the CE status changes from Final to Approved, Billed etc an external document will be added to the CE, allowing you to view the attached CE before it was approved.

This feature can be enabled under Settings > Features > Take Snapshot on change from Final status.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the CE you want to approve.

    Please note that the CE must be in Final status and you have the correct rights to change the CE status.

  2. Click the Status drop down and select any of the available statuses.

    Please note that this feature does not work with Cancelled status.

    For this example, Approved was selected.

  3. Click the Save button.

    The External Document is added on the CE.

  4. To view the saved pdf, navigate to the external document.

    The External Document screen appears.

  5. Click the View File icon under the Versions section.

    The pdf will open in a new window.

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