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Tasks are what you assign to Users for them to complete in order to process a Job.  Task types tell Chase how individual tasks should be processed.

 Screen layout

Task Types screen

 Field Help
Buttons, Columns and FieldsDescription
FilterAllows you to select if you want to view all Task types or only view active Task types.
Filter WhereAllows you to search for a specific set of Task types.
ContainsEnter a search term relevant to the selected column. 
Rows/Page Limits the number of rows displayed.
Task TypeEnter a name for the Task type.
CategoryProvide a category in which Task types will be grouped on reports.
Work Type Indicate the Work type linked to the Task type.  Linking a Work type to a Task type allows comparison of estimated vs. actual time on reports. This field is not mandatory and can be left blank. 
TimeSheet Category

Indicate the TimeSheet category for this Task type by selecting from the following list of options:

  • Not on Time Sheet – an unplanned Task that is not part of an active project, e.g. an adhoc consultation with a Client. Users cannot enter time against such a task.
  • Time Sheet task – a planned Task that is part of an active project, e.g. design work. Users can capture time against this task in their TimeSheets.
  • Internal task – a planned Task that is part of the agency’s processes, e.g. project review meeting.
  • Client Task - a planned Task for a specific client.
  • Job Task - a planned Task for a specific job.
  • Leave – a non-productive event, e.g. sick leave or vacation. 
Last User The Last User column displays the last User to update this Task type. 
 Hours The Hours column displays the default number of hours that will be allocated against this Task type when tasking. The hours can be amended on the Job Bag of a specific Job.
DisciplineEnter the business rule.
ActiveCheck this checkbox to indicate that the Task type can be used for tasking immediately after creation.
SkillsSelect the User's particular skill.
Edit Notes buttonAllows you to add and edit notes to the Task type.
Edit Sub Tasks buttonAdd sub tasks to the Task type.
Delete this line buttonDelete a Task type.
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