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As a Timesheet user, you are required to capture actual time spent working on a task by entering this information on a Timesheet form.

Watch these TimeSheet videos to get an introduction of how to use TimeSheets in Chase, followed by an overview of tasks and timesheets.

Then, find out how to:

And finally,

Access our Knowledge Base here for more information.

Tasks and TimeSheets Overview

Tasks and TimeSheets are what you use to record your time spent at work.


Tasks are the actions assigned to you that are part of a project or job.  Jobs are typically made up of a number of tasks, but you will capture time against the tasks that are assigned to you.

You can view tasks allocated to you, and capture time on these tasks using Chase TimeSheets.


Timesheets are used to record the hours that have been spent on a particular job or for a specific client.  It is also a record of how your hours are billed.

You can capture actual time spent working on a task or job by entering this information on a Chase Timesheet.  

Time capturing in Chase does not only check if you are utilising company time in a correct manner but it also tracks project or work progress.

Capturing accurate time is critical for making informed business decisions, as well as ensuring your billable hours are accurate.