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Templates are predefined documents that contain commonly entered information, from which new documents of that type can be created. These documents can be monitored in Chase Configuration.

 Screen layout

Templates screen

 Field Help

Columns and Buttons



Displays all Templates stored in Chase.


Allows you to force a client Portal User to use a Template. Please note that the functionality is No longer used.

Template Name

Displays the name of the Template. This can be edited.

License Type

Indicates that the template is applicable to Chase Users.

Job CategoryIndicate the category to which this template is linked. If a template is linked to a category, then the template can only be applied to Jobs that have the same Job Category.

Based On

Indicates the document type of the Template, e.g. Cost Sheet, Job Bag.


If Yes is selected, then the template can be seen and used by other Chase users.

If No is selected, then the template can only be seen and used by the user who created it.