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If you are experiencing issues connecting to your Chase website, or experiencing general connectivity issues (I.e. Slow performance, or loss of connections), we have tools available to aid us in identifying and resolving this issue. 

Below are steps to follow that will assist Chase Support in addressing the connectivity issue.

Step-by-step guide

    1. Navigate to your Internet Browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) and paste this web link:
      1. In the "Number of Ajax requests to process" area, please enter 100 and click"Run Ajax Test". 
      2. You will see a latency result (in milliseconds) per request. Results that may cause connectivity issues:
        1. An average latency of 500+ milliseconds
        2. Significant fluctuations of latency between the requests
      3. You should see a result set as per the below image. Please take a screenshot of the results and store in a safe place.

    2. In the same web link above ( 
      1. In the "Number of seconds between keepAlive" requests, please specify 10 second intervals between KeepAlive requests. Note, this simulates the exact keepAlive requests initiated by Chase itself. 
      2. This is more applicable to situations where you are losing connectivity or being logged out of Chase. 
      3. Please click "Run keep Alive". Let it run for approximately 5 minutes.
      4. Once 5 minutes have elapsed, please click "Stop keep alive". 
      5. You will receive a result indicating the success of the KeepAlive requests as per below image. Please take a screenshot of the results and store in a safe place.

    Please forward the two screenshots you captured from the above steps to Chase support (, or, in the event of an existing support request existing, please include onto that issue.
    Chase support will evaluate and assist in addressing this issue.