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A Time by User report allows you to view time entered in the Chase system for a particular user/s. The purpose of this report is to display hours logged by staff against clients. The report is grouped by username, with a breakdown by client name and Job. The Time by User report is based on a view of timesheet times per day. This report is commonly used by Traffic/Production to:

  • Track hours logged against a specific client or job.
  • Identify what specific projects employees are working on.
  • Identify which individuals are involved with a particular client's work.

This section will focus on the:

Time by User report

  1. To view this report, navigate to Reports and search for the Time by User report.
  2. Select the report and apply filters

    Report columns explained:

    Column nameExplanation


    Job Number


    Job Category

    3Description Combination of the Product and Job Element.
    4Task Type - NotesTask name and task notes.
    5EnteredDate for which time was logged.
    6HoursHours logged for the task.

    Similar Reports

     Time by Client

    This report is grouped by client and shows the Job Element. The Time by User report shows both the Job Product and Job Element in the Description column.

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