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Once you are satisfied that you have captured all of your time correctly, you can submit it for approval.  Your hours will be reviewed by your assigned Traffic Administrator, who will either approve or decline your timesheet.  

The Traffic Administrator will receive a notification on their homepage To Do list indicating that approval is required. If your agency uses Chase Insight you can do a bulk approval of timesheets entry for multiple users. Chase Insight is designed for timesheet compliance, reporting, and business intelligence. As such, we recommend using the Chase Insight add-on for timesheet approvals.

Timesheet Approval using Chase Insight

The Timesheet Approval Process overview explains the sequence of events for this weekly process. The Timesheet Approval Instructions explain how timesheet administrators can easily and effectively approve timesheets. On approval of a person's timesheet, a Timesheet Approval Feedback email is sent. This contains an Approval Feedback Summary table that shows whether key targets are met.

Once you have submitted your TimeSheets, they will appear as orange on the TimeSheets screen.  When they are in this status, they cannot be updated until the time has been approved or declined. The TimeSheet screen will display different colours depending on if the time has been approved or declined.

The TimeSheet is designed to help you manage your time at a glance by displaying the various statuses of your tasks in different colours.

  • Submitted entries (pending approval) are displayed in orange
  • Approved hours are displayed in green
  • Declined hours are displayed in red

Depending on the system settings for TimeSheets, you may receive a reason when your time entry is declined.