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The performance of your Chase system is of utmost importance.  Occasionally you may experience system issues as Chase is a complex system that relies on many components.

One of the issues you may come across is slow system speed. It is key to be as specific as possible about what is behaving unexpectedly. For example, it might be taking too long to download a document, or you might be experiencing slow response times when saving your Job Bags or TimeSheets.

The troubleshooting approach we recommend is to investigate one specific problem at a time.  There might be more than one problem, but you cannot solve all of these at once.  It is best to identify if it is one problem and eliminate it, before replacing it with another potential problem.

There are some steps you can take to identify the problem yourself, prior to contacting Chase or your IT administrator. Even if you are unable to solve the issue, you will be able to pass your findings on to a Chase support consultant or IT administrator.

See Basic Troubleshooting for some steps to assist you to identify your system issue. These steps are suitable for any Chase user.

See Advanced Troubleshooting for a more in depth look at potential server and application issues. These steps are suitable for IT professionals and Chase support staff.

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