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You can edit all notes on jobs for a specific client, in a particular status, and/or opened by a particular traffic person.  This can be done using the Job Notes wizard. 

The Job Notes wizard allows you to edit or update notes on multiple Job Bags by filtering to the correct Job by Client, status or traffic user.

Below are steps to show you how to update multiple Job Bags.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Wizards button on the Ribbon. 

  2. The Select a Chase Wizard to begin dialog appears, click the Job Notes option.

  3. The Bulk Job Notes Update Wizard dialog appears, click the drop down arrow on the Client field, and select the client whose job notes you want to update. 

    The fields highlighted in red are mandatory.  You are able to select Jobs by Client or Current Status.

  4. Select the relevant status by clicking the Current Status drop down.

  5. Click the Next button once satisfied with your filter selection.

  6. Click the Edit Notes button against the job you want to edit.

  7. The Notes dialog appears, enter your notes in the text body area.

  8. Click the Ok button when you have finished entering your note.

  9. Repeat step 6 - 8 on all other Jobs and click the Next button to continue.

  10. Read through the notes and click Finish to confirm.

  11. Click Close to close this dialog.