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To measure the actual cost to time spent by internal resources, one can more accurately calculate the cost per user.  Chase allows Users to viewedit and create User Financials, and this can be restricted to certain User rights. 

Access to User Financials is controlled via user rights which can be found in Config - Access Rights - Forms. It is recommended that the person who has access to create, view or edit User Financials be restricted to top management, Finance or a specific Human Resource User, as User Financial information is confidential.

 Screen layout

 Field Help

Buttons and Columns



Select the month for which the financials will be captured.


Select the year for which the financials will be captured.

Copy CTC

Copy the previous month's CTC to the current month. The previous month's figures will be copied to the current month and can be updated as required. If the figures don't change over several months, this function can be used to pre-populate all the months over that time at once.

User Name

Name of the internal resource.

Previous Month column

Rate / Cost used in the previous months.

Current Month column

Rate / Cost applied within the current month.

CTC / Hour

Cost to company per hour for the resource.

User Rate / Hour

The rate at which this resource will be charged out at, or the standard rate this type of resource costs.