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Creating an amendment to a job may affect the Job timelines.  The Require Date Acknowledgment on Amendment feature ensures that you acknowledge the change you are making to the date on an Amendment.  This will make sure that you consider the impact of Amendments on the Job before saving changes.

Find out how to:

Step-by-step guide

Enabling the Require Date Acknowledgement on Amendment

  1. To enable the Require Date Acknowledgment on Amendment feature, click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

    The Configurations screen appears. 

  2. Click on Company Configuration from the tree to expand the group.

  3. Under the Company Configuration group, click the Company Details item.

    The Company Details window appears. 

  4. Click the Company Settings tab.

    All fields under the Company Settings tab appear. 

  5. Check the Require Date Acknowledgment on Amendment checkbox. 

  6. Click the Save button to make your changes permanent.

Using the Require Date Acknowledgement on Amendment

  1. Open the Amendment that you want to re-select dates on.

  2. Edit the dates.

    In this example, the Material Deadline and Media Start dates were changed.  

  3. Make all the necessary changes to the amendment, and change the document status in the Status field to Final

    The Confirm dialog appears. 

    This dialog will prompt you to acknowledge that you are aware of the impact of the Amendment dates before you can save the changes. This dialog will show you the original dates and the new dates.

    If you click the Cancel button, you will be redirected to the Amendment document where you can re-select the dates as needed. 

  4. To acknowledge these changes, check the I acknowledge the above checkbox.

  5. To apply these changes, click the Ok button.

    All changes to the Amendment will automatically be saved.