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As a Timesheet user, you are able to view a Job Brief History report.  This report collates all the briefs and amendments from a job into a single report.

The purpose of the Job Brief History report is to give an overview of the history of the requirements and/or changes in the life cycle of the Job in chronological order. This information is likely to be useful to everyone completing tasks and capturing timesheets.

You can view the report from:

Below are steps to show you how to view the Brief History report.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Tasks list on the Home page, click the Job number next to the Task for which you want to view a brief history.


    From the My Tasks screen, click the Task for which you want to view a brief history. 

    The Job Brief History report appears. You can view all the information related to the job, tasks, and assignees of those tasks.