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The Work in Progress report allows you to view billings, costs, margins, provisions & prepayments for active jobs in the system. The purpose of the WIP report is to track provisions for upcoming supplier costs as the job progresses. It is also used to determine the WIP figure at month-end for financial adjustments. It is important to note that this report is only suited for jobs that are still active and in progress. This report is mostly used by accountants to get an understanding of what cost commitments the business has.

This section will focus on the:

Work in Progress report

  1. To view this report, navigate to Reports and search for the Work in Progress report.
  2. Select the report and apply filters

Report columns explained:

Column NameExplanation

Job No

Job number
2CategoryJob Category
3ElementJob element
4AEAccount Executive for the Job.
5StatusStatus of the Job i.e. the phase the job is in.
6OpenedDate the Job Bag was created.
7Billings: EstimatedSum of Cost Estimates for the job.
8Billings: ActualSum of all Billings (Invoices and Credit Notes)
9Cost: Est. Cost BilledExternal cost on Tax Invoice (expected costs).
10Cost: ActualSum of captured Supplier Costs (Supplier Invoices and Supplier Credit Notes).
11Margin: ActualEstimated billings minus Actual Cost = Margin.
12Provision: WIP(pre-paid)Supplier cost captured before the client has been billed.
13Provision: For PaymentRemaining expected costs for the job.
14NetEstimated cost billed minus Actual Cost.
15HoursActual hours logged.