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Work Types indicate the type of services and products that the agency bills for.  They appear as line items on financial documents such as Cost Sheets, Purchase Orders or Tax Invoices.

You can define the Work Types that will be available when a User selects the Work type for any line item in one of these documents. But this will depend on your user rights.

Line items on Financial documents are defined as internal Work Types or external Work types.  Internal Work Types represent billable items to be performed in-house by the agency.  External Work Types represent billable items to be supplied by a third party, and for which a cost provision must be made for supplier costs.

As an Administrator or Financial User, you have the user rights to set up Work Types as these will indicate the type of service and product that the agency bills for.  It is important to have a basic understanding of how Work Types function before you can utilize the Cost Sheet and related financial document forms.

Work Types do not only affect the CE, but they also affect the Invoice and subsequent export to an accounting package.  In cases where exports are done on a line item basis and Sales and COS accounts are specified per line item, we advise a Financial User take responsibility for the Work Type set up. 

 Screen layout

Work Types screen

 Field Help
Buttons, Columns and FieldsDescription
Group NameSelect the Group to which the desired Work Types belong.
Add NewAllows you to add new Work types.
Maintain MarkupsAllows you to add new Markup percentage.
FilterAllows you to filter the Work Types in the selected Group.
Filter WhereSpecify the column in which the criteria should be searched.
ContainsEnter appropriate text in this field to specify the criteria to search for.
Rows/Page Allows you to change the number of rows displayed in the table.
Work TypeEnter a unique name for the Work type. 
Task TypeIndicate a Task type to which the Work type is linked.
CategoryEnter a category name under which this Work type will be grouped in reports.
Business UnitEnter the name of a business unit if the agency has different divisions that are reported on separately. The same Work type can be set up several times for different business units. 
Recognition Type

Set up a Recognition Type on the Work type level. This will then determine the recognition on line level, for the Client/Campaign Budgets.

Allows you to declare revenue based on:

  • Fee - Set monthly amounts based on the budget
  • Achievement – Based on the budget and % complete of the job
  • Closure – On closure
Unit CostEnter a default unit cost that initially appears in line items of this Work type. This can be changed on the actual document unless restricted.
Line Type 

To indicate what type of value this Work type will depict on a document, click the drop down arrow on the Line Type field and select one of the following options:

  • Normal – the Work type will appear on documents as a standard line item.
  • Sub Total – the Work type will appear as a subtotal line showing the sum of all items appearing between itself and the top of the document or the preceding subtotal line.
  • Material – the Work type is treated as a Normal item on a Cost Sheet but appears in the list of materials a User can select on their TimeSheets.
  • Int Cost from T.sht – the Work type is any internal cost incurred from TimeSheets. 
Unit Type

Select or update the unit of measure. It is very important that the unit type is set up correctly as this has an impact on reporting.  If a Work type is set up as a unit, when it should be listed per hours, comparing actual hours vs estimated needs some extra work.  

DisciplineAn additional way of categorising your Work Types into a discipline of work being performed.
Sale Contra AccountIf your agency uses contra accounts to analyse sales returns, allowances or discounts, enter the appropriate account.
COS Accounting NoIf your agency uses contra accounts to analyse purchases returns, allowances or discounts, enter the appropriate account.
Posting GroupApplicable to posting groups set up in an accounting package for which transactions applicable to the Work type will post to.
Advanced EditAllows you to enter detailed information about the Work type.
Delete this Work TypeAllows you to delete a Work type.

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