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Reporting is perceived as the ultimate outcome for any successful Nexus implementation. Nexus reports present information captured within the system in a pre-formatted, attractive and intuitive manner. Report information is filtered, grouped and sorted according to the report specifications.

Working with Reports

The reports screen allows for easy search. You can use the search box to search for reports you want to view.  Use the filters below the column names, or you can scroll down and find the report you want.

BackTakes you back to the previous screen.
NewCreates a new report.

Refresh data

Refreshes data displayed on the grid.

Clear all filtersClears filters; filters are search parameters that you’ve put in place to narrow down the data displayed.
Export all dataExports grid data to Excel for further analysis.
Column ChooserLaunches the field chooser and allows the selection/deselection of columns to display.

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