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A Budget CE is a full budget of estimated amounts and costs (typically for the Job Bag). This allows costs to be allocated to the Budget CE, and billings done periodically on linked CEs (child CEs).  The Budget CE feature can be used when you need to bill for specific line items items or a portion of the CE as the job progresses. For this functionality to work, the Budget CE status must be activated and the appropriate user rights should be configured.

Budget CE:

  • A Budget CE is a full budget CE where costs will be created from the Budget CE as well as supplier allocated. Supplier documents (Purchase Orders and , Supplier Invoices etc.) will be created from the Budget CE.
  • Please note that Chase will stop any not allow any billing from being made on the Budget CE.

Linked CEs:

  • Linked CE CEs will carry all periodic billings for the Job and once all the linked CEs related to a Budget CE are billed, that Budget CE will automatically be set to Reconciled status.
  • You can create as many Linked CEs as required, provided that the sum of amounts on linked CEs does not exceed the amount on the Budget CE, per line item.
  • Chase will not allow you to create Purchase Orders from a linked CE.