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Chase allows Users to log tickets, but does depend on the User's rights.  You can restrict who can log issues with Chase and minimise the same errors being sent to the Support Centre.  The issue can be logged even if you have a document that you are working on.  

Find out how to:


Assigning access rights to Jira

  1. Click the Settings button on the Ribbon.

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    The Configuration screen appears. 

  2. Click the Access Rights group on the Configuration treeto expand it.

  3. Click the Buttons item.

    The Menu Buttons screen appears.

  4. Select the relevant User right from the Can View field against the Support Button.


    By default, the Can View field will be set to Guest (G).

  5. Click the Save button once your changes have been made.


  1. Click the Log Issue button on the breadcrumb bar.

    The Jira Create Issue dialog appears. The Name of the logged-in user User will automatically be populated in the windowdialog

  2. Enter a short summary of the issue in the Summary field.

  3. Enter more details about the issue in the Description field. 


    Click the Choose Files button to attach external files, such as screenshots, to the ticket.

  4. Once all the information has been added, click the Submit button.

    After clicking Submit, a message pops up notifying you that a ticket has been successfully created in Jira and sent to the Chase Support Centre.


    To view the ticket that was created, you can click the ticket number link on the message.

    The ticket will open in the Support Portal.