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Company Company name of new client.


This is the name the User chooses for an opportunity.


Enter the name of the contact person at that company.

Contact Number

The primary external contact's number for the opportunity.

Date Added

The date when the lead was added.

Target Date

The target closing date.


The current status of the opportunity as per the set status names. User can configure these names in the Look Up code section.

  • Prospect
  • Proposal
  • Accepted
  • Declined
  • The default for Status is set as Prospect


The likelihood of closing the opportunity, and having it become a job bag.

Cost Price

The cost to company of the sale.

Sale Value

Estimated monetary amount of the opportunity.

Assigned To

User who created the opportunity and is assigned to it.

Client Parent CompanyThe holding company for the new client.
FY Est RevenueEstimated rand revenue if won in the current fiscal (full year).
FY Annualised RevenueFull year annualised rand revenue (a 12-month figure, ignoring fiscal). This column must be equal to or greater than Full Years Estimated Revenue.
IndustryProspective client industry.
Last ActionEnter notes about the status of the latest activity on the opportunity.
Last Action dateThe latest activity date. This field will populate with the last date that the user added notes in the Last Action field. Users will be able to change the Last Action Date however they cannot add trhe the Last Action Date before additng a adding the Last Action.
Due DateThe next activity on the opportunity set as a Reminder date on the opportunity.

Upload File(s) button

Allows you to upload external documents.


Add additional notes about the opportunity in this section.




Opportunity Pipeline

The pipeline displays only the User's opportunities for the current week, consisting of four statuses of the opportunity in the diagram, those being

  • Prospect
  • Proposal
  • Accepted
  • Declined

Open Opportunity

The view is in a table format and contains the following information:

  • Open Opportunities
    • Prospect
    • Proposal
  • Number of open Opportunities per status

    The default setting is All users, which displays the users in the Sales team. Doing this to keeps them competitive.

Margin Vs Sales Value

The bar chart contains the following data, which is pulled from the Opportunity table:

  • Total Margin and Sale Value of Prospect for the time selected.
  • Total Margin and Sale Value of Proposals for the time selected.
  • Total Margin and Sale Value of Accepted for the time selected.
  • Total Margin and Sale Value of Declined Proposal for the time selected.

Probability Report

The Probability Report graph will display a comparison of the captured Probability percentage value against the selected Month. The percentage counting from 10% and incrementing by 15 throughout up to 100%.