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As a Client Service user, you will be required to add Job Bags, Briefs, Amendments and create Billing Instructions.

A good starting point is to watch these videos, followed by an overview of Jobs and Non-Financial Documents.

And then you can:

You can also access our Knowledge Base hereBase here for more information.

Jobs and Non-Financial Documents
Jobs and Non-Financial Documents
Jobs and Non-Financial Documents Overview

Jobs is a feature in Chase used to detail the work that needs to be completed for a creative brief.

The non-financial documents are the documents associated with the job, as well as the actual work produced during the time of a project. 

Once a new project is briefed in, a Chase job bag is created.  You use this job bag to store the job details, brief, and project related documents.

Documents that you associate with a job can include briefs and amendments, financial documents (CEs and invoices), and attachments such as originals of captured documents and creative files (videos and images).

You can also use the project management features within the job bag.  This allows you to plan tasks and track any changes made to a job bag, as well as create a timing plan for your campaign.  The Gantt Chart shows the relationship, timing and progress of a job’s deliverables and associated tasks.  This allows you to control work and improve efficiencies.


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