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  1. Open the Child Job that you want to link to a Parent Job. 

    In this example, Job Bag 13 has been opened. 

  2. Click the drop down arrow on the Parent Job field.

    A list of all Jobs available on the system will appear. 

  3. Select a Job that is of the same client.

    In this example, Job 2 - TV AD for Gelish Nails - Draft - Nail Promotion was selected.

    A Confirm dialog appears. 

  4. Click Yes to confirm the link.  

    Notice that Job 13 now shows that it has been made a child of another Job in the Parent Job field. 

  5. Click the Save button to save changes made to the Job Bag.

  6. Open the parent job from where you can view all the child jobs for this Job

    In this example, the parent job is Job 2.