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  1. Open the Job Bag to which you want to add a billing instruction. 

  2. Open your CE from the Job Bag tree.

  3. Click the Shortcut Menu on the Toolbar.

  4. From the drop down that appears, select Request Billing.

    The Request Billing and Approve CE dialog appears. 

  5. Click the Create button.  


    This typically kicks off a workflow that automatically changes the CE to approved.  It will also automatically send the Billing Instruction to Finance as part of a workflow. 

    Please note that this workflow needs to be configured with the help from Chase Support Center. For more details please follow this link to contact Chase

  6. Enter the order number that you received from the client in the Order No field. 
    In this example, 0058 was entered.

  7. From the Editor tab, amend the text as required.
    In this example the / as follows text was deleted so that the full amount can be billed.

  8. Click the drop downarrowat down arrow on the Supporting Document field to attach supporting documents to the request.

  9. Select Upload New Document from the list that appears.

    The Document Upload dialog appears.

  10. Drag and drop the file you want to attach, and then select Upload
    You can also click anywhere on the dialog to browse for the file you want to attach.

  11. Click the Create button.

    The Billing Instruction screen is displayed.

    Notice that the status of the Billing Instruction has been set to Final.

    The attached document will be located under the External Documents section on the Job Bag tree. 

  12. Make all the necessary changes to the Billing Instruction screen, and then click the Save button.

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add new
add new
Adding a Billing Instruction from the Add New dialog

When you create a Billing Instruction from the Add New dialog, this will create a billing instruction for all CEs under the Job with just one billing instruction form.  In the following image, all three CEs for the related Job Bag are included in the new Billing Instruction text.

Image Modified

  1. Open the Job Bag to which you want to add a billing instruction.

  2. Click the Add New button on the Ribbon.

    The Add New dialog appears. 

  3. Select the Bill Inst icon and click the Create button.

    A Billing Instruction form opens. 


    Notice that the Billing Instruction contains selected information from the Job Bag.  This includes the Client, Product and Element,  Element amongst others, and these cannot be changed.

  4. Enter a short reference for the Billing Instruction in the Reference field. 

    In this example, Instruction to Bill CE 4 was entered.

  5. From the Editor tab, replace the ?? with the Cost Estimate number.  Remove the in full or as follows as applicable. 

    In this example, the Cost Estimate number is 4, and the in full / text was replaced with 50%, as only 50% of the CE is to be billed.


    If you had multiple Cost Estimates associated with the job, they would have been listed along with a breakdown of the billings passed against them.

  6. Click the Save button.


    You can also print and email the billing instruction.