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  1. On the Configuration screen, click the Discipline Setup Disciplines item.

    The Discipline Setup screen appears. 


    To edit a discipline, click the Advanced Edit  button next to discipline to be edited.

  2. Click the + Add New button on the Toolbar.

    The Configure Discipline dialog appears. 

  3. In the Description field, enter the name of the discipline.

    In this example, Approved CE Funding PO was entered.  

    The Companies field contains a list of the companies available in the Chase database. 

  4. Click on the drop down arrow in the Applies to field, and select which form (Job or Document) the discipline should apply to. 

    In this example, Purchase Order was selected.

  5. Click on the drop down arrow on the When Status is in field, and specify which statuses the discipline should be applied to.

  6. Check the Requires Override checkbox if an override may be requested to make an exception to the discipline. 

  7. Check the Requires Attachment checkbox if required. 


    The Requires Attachment checkbox is enabled when the Requires Override is checked. 

    If checked, any override requests to the discipline must be accompanied by supporting documentation in the form of an attachment. If left unchecked, then an override may be requested without any supporting documentation, however it will still be possible to attach supporting documentation if desired.  

  8. Click the Primary Condition tab to add conditions for this discipline.  By default, this tab is always selected when a discipline is being created or edited.

  9. To add a condition, click the + (Add New) button.

    A new line is added.

  10. Click on the drop down arrow in Field1, and select a condition relevant to the selected form.

    In this example, PO Amount was selected.

  11. Click the drop down arrow in the Comparison field, and select from a list of comparison operators.  This will compare the value in Field 1 to the value in Field 2.

  12. Select a condition relevant to the selected form in Field2.

    In this example, PO Amount On Related CE was selected.

  13. Check the Allow Modification checkbox.  This allows the approver Approver to input the override value of override allowed, above which further overrides will be triggered on the document or line item in question.

  14. Click the Participants tab to allow configuration of a group of users or individuals who may approve or decline an override.

  15. To add participants, click the + (Add New) button.

    A new line is added.

  16. Click the drop down arrow on the new line, and select a user who will approve or decline an override.

    In this example, Carol Fourie was selected. 

  17. To add Additional Conditions, click the Additional Conditions tab. 

  18. Click the Create button to create this discipline.

    Once you click the Create button the discipline appears on the Discipline Setup screen.


  1. Navigate to the Job that you want to create a PO for.

    In this example, the Job with a CE is created with an external line item with a Cost of R1000, Amount of R1100 and a the status changed is set to Final is opened

  2. To create a Purchase Order, select Purchase Order from the Shortcut Menu, or click the Purchase Order button next to the external line item.

    The Create Purchase Order dialog appears. 

  3. Enter the amount in the To be Ordered field.

    Please note that the amount to be ordered exceeds the estimated amount. 

  4. Click the Create button.

    A Purchase Order document is created. 

  5. Add all the necessary details to the Purchase Order, and then select Checked in the Status field.

    This action will violate the following discipline(s) dialog appears.

  6. Click Select files to Upload or Drag and Drop Files to upload external documents.

    An Explorer window appears.

  7. Select the document required to request an override for this discipline, and then click the Open button.

    The document is attached. 


    If you click Cancel the document will revert to the previous status before the discipline was triggered (in this instance it will revert to a Draft status).

  8. To proceed with the override request, click the Request OverrideOverride button.

    Once an override is requested, the status of the document will temporarily move to Awaiting Override until the override is approved or declined.

    For more details on how to approve or decline an override, please see How to Approve/ Decline and Override.