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  1. Click the Export Wizard button on the Ribbon.

    The Export Wizard screen appears.

  2. Ensure that Export Settings is selected on the Export Wizard tree, and then click the Next button.

    The Change accounting period dialog appears.

  3. Click the Yes button to continue.


    Ensure that all documents for the current month are exported before changing the period. If not, you will be presented with the Export Error dialog informing you about documents that were not exported for the current month.

    If you want to bypass this process and not be shown the Export Error dialog, you can enable the Always Allow Period Change feature.

    The Always Allow Period Change will allow you to change the Accounting Period regardless of the Export Date or Export Errors.

    This feature can be enabled in Setting > Export Settings. Check the Advanced Period Change checkbox, and the Always Allow Period Change checkbox.

    The Accounting Period date will be changed, and the Period Cut-off Date and Last Export Date will be updated accordingly.


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