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Below is an explanation of the Cost Variance Statement columns.


Report columns explained:

Column NameExplanation
1Details pulling from the Job Bag
2Work TypeWork Types pulling from financial documents.
3Work Type Group
4Is ExternalIndicates if the Work Type on the CVS is external.
5Business UnitDisplays the division (as per the Business Unit on the Work Type setup) on which the work type will be reported. If one is not set this field will be left empty
6Billed AmountTotal Invoice amount excluding tax.
7Est.Cost (Billed from CE)External cost on Tax Invoice (expected costs).
8Invoiced CostTotal Supplier Invoice amount excluding tax.
9MarginEstimated billings minus Actual Cost = Margin.
10Cost Variance 

Est-Cost (Billed from CE) minus Invoiced Cost = Cost Variance.

The difference between Est. Cost (Billed from CE) and Invoiced Cost.

11Gross-UpThe difference between Est. Cost (Billed from CE) and Invoiced Cost. This field indicates whether the agency made a super profit or super loss.