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Below are steps to show you how to part bill a CE with Units. 

Step-by-step guide


  1. With your CE your CE open, click the the Shortcut Menu button  button and select select Invoice.


  2. On the Create Invoice

    dialog appears.

    Click  dialog, click on the drop down arrow on the first field, and select from the list from the list of billing options. 

    By default, new Tax Invoices are created with billing option F – Bill the Full / Outstanding Value of the Cost Estimate.  

    In this example, 5 – Bill 50% of the cost estimate was selected.

  3. Enter the Customer’s purchase order number, if one was provided, in the Order No field.
  4. Click the Calendar button on the Date field and select the required date, or accept the current date. 

  5. The Create as Draft checkbox allows you to create the Invoice in Draft or Issued status. 

    If checked the Invoice will be created in Draft status and can be edited. If unchecked, the Invoice will be created in Issued status.
  6. Click the the Create button.

    The Invoice will be created in Draft and the number of Units is updated as per the billing method used. 

    The number of units billed will be visible when printing an Invoice with units.