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You can maintain the external documents that you have attached to your Job Bag.

This includes:

This can all be performed from the External Document screen in a Job Bag.

Viewing an external document

Before printing or sending external documents to clients or colleagues, you need to ensure that you are sending the correct or relevant document.  By viewing this document, you may be able to edit the document but this will depend on the file format of a document. For example, PDF documents cannot be edited but Word documents  can.

1. On the External Document screen, click on the View File button against the document you want to view. 

This will download the document.


Editing external document details

You can edit the details of an external document.  You can add a new version of the document, edit the description field notes or edit the reference field notes etc.

1. Click on the Edit Document Details button. 

2. Edit the details on the External Document screen.

3. Add notes in the Description describing your change.

4. Click the Save button to save your changes.


Versioning an external document

Documents go through a number of revisions before they become the final document.  It is often important to remember the different versions so as to establish the development of the final document. It is therefore important to be able to differentiate between the different versions by giving each their own unique number.

1. Click on the Edit Document Details button. 

2. To add a new version of the document, click on the Add Version button.

3. Drag and drop the file you want to attach onto the Document Upload dialog. and then select Upload.


Deleting an external document

It is possible to delete External Documents if you uploaded the wrong file or if you uploaded it to the wrong job. If there are duplicates under the External Documents section on the job tree, these duplicates can be deleted from the Job Bag.

1. Click on the Edit Document Details button. 

2. Click the Delete this line button against the document you want to remove.

3. Select Yes to delete the line.

The document is removed from the External Document screen.


Replacing an external document

If you have made an error on a document or uploaded the wrong file, you can replace them.

Although you cannot edit the document in Chase, you are able to replace it with a correct document from external sources.  You first need to make the changes to the document before you can replace the original document that has been uploaded in Chase.  Alternatively, you can save it as a later version so that you keep track of any changes made to the file or document.

1. Click on the Edit Document Details button against the document you want to edit.

2. Click on the Change File button.

3. Drag and drop the file you want to attach onto the Document Upload dialog that appears,

4. Click on the Save button to save changes that have been made.

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